Special Events & Theme Parties

Cinemazoo offers animals for rent for special events, theme parties, weddings, corporate events, school events, and much more. If you are an event planner looking to add that something extra to your next event, Cinemazoo is here to help! From camels to unicorns, and every animal in between, Cinemazoo can provide you with the perfect animal for rent. Some of our most popular special event packages are listed below:

  • Canadian Animal Experience: This package includes animals that are native to Canada, including hawks, falcons, and huskies. We even have Mounties to accompany the huskies! For more information, check out our Canadian Animal Experience Page.
  • Unicorn Theme: A full size white unicorn accompanied by a beautiful princess. This is the perfect addition to a romantic wedding, or a large event for children of all ages. For more details, check out our Unicorn Special Event Page.
  • Indian Weddings: Planning a traditional Indian wedding? We can provide you with the customary camel, or white horse for the groom’s entrance. Whether you want a camel or horse, we have the proper attire for each. For more details, check out our Indian Weddings Page.
  • Country Western Weddings: Look no further than Cinemazoo for your country wedding. We have the horse, hay bales, a beautiful dove release, and even a mobile petting zoo for the kids. For more information, check out our Country Western Weddings Page.

We Have Experience Working with Animals

Experience makes a big difference when hiring animals. Our experienced animal handlers are trained to handle domestic and exotic animals. Film studios, for example, have very strict standards for hiring animals. For many companies and event planners, Cinemazoo is their first choice when hiring animals for special events.

Keep in mind that hiring animals for events can have liabilities when renting from uninsured animal agencies. Accidents can happen and it is wise to make sure the animal agent you are dealing with is fully insured. Cinemazoo is fully insured and covers all the animals we rent out.

Hiring Animals Made Easy

Hiring animals for events and special projects is really easy with Cinemazoo. Based in metro Vancouver, we have the largest selection of animals for rent in Canada. If you are interested in hiring any of our animals for a special event, we are just a phone call away. Or you can contact us through our easy to use Contact Form.